About Us

Being interested in the construction industry means that you are desperate for news about the goings on in that field. Whenever you wake up, you want to check the latest news. You want to hear about the biggest projects, the newest trends and any other news that may impact the industry. It is exactly how we felt. And many times, we would be unable to find a great source of information.

Then we decided to create our own construction magazine. Fast forward five years and it is the best decision we ever made. Not only is our magazine getting impressive sales numbers, but we are seeing so much positive feedback from our readership. Many of our readers are Canadians who wanted an authentic and in-depth look at the construction industry in their country. We are so proud to offer that to them. And we are not stopping here. We have big plans to grow our magazine even more.

We are often asked – what separates your magazine from the rest? Our magazine goes beyond the headlines and looks at every angle of the story. It is what makes us an authority on construction trends, news and analysis in Canada. Whether it is a merger, a major national contract, a home construction trend or a new material being used in different processes, we will be covering it as major news.

Other sites may provide you with the headlines. It is easy to get basic information about any topic these days. It is why we do not focus on short stories for clicks. We believe in going in depth to ensure that every angle of the story is covered for our readers. We want you to have the total picture about every story related to the construction industry.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding our magazine, feel free to send us an email through our site!