Construction Tips: New Home Projects

Landowners who just bought a vacant property will be very excited at the prospect of starting their home construction project. While buying a readymade home is great, there is something special about starting a project from the ground up. Every aspect of the home will be to your liking. But these projects are also the ones that can create the most issues. Here are a few construction tips for new home projects that should help you with your upcoming plans.

  1. If In Doubt, Go Smaller

The biggest factor on the budget of a new home construction project is the size of the home. It is no surprise that larger homes end up costing a lot more money, because most projects have a “per square foot” price tag.

Homeowners who are debating two different square footages for their home project should always go for the smaller option. It is tempting to build a bigger house, assuming the family will grow into it. But do you need that much space? Or will you end up with one or two rooms that are never used?

  1. Hire the Best Contractor

It is amazing how much difference a great contractor can make to a home construction project. Hiring a top contractor is the difference between a messy project and one that runs like clockwork. Do your homework, research the top contractors in the area and do not rush into a decision.

  1. Consider Energy Efficiency

Depending on where you live, energy costs are a big expense during the year. Most of Canada gets very cold during the winter, while some areas do have a couple months of summer where it gets warm.

Speak with your contractor and ensure that energy efficiency is a top priority. The roofing, siding, walls and windows should all be purchased and constructed with energy efficiency in mind. It may cost a bit more during construction, but you will see tremendous savings over the years.