More Innovative Materials in Construction Projects

Construction is one of those industries that is not always associated with change. Many people have a view of construction companies that involves them using the same methods and materials as 20 years ago. While the characterization does have some merits, it is not entirely accurate.

Many construction companies do make a concentrated effort to evolve and use methods that are more efficient. In fact, the past five or six years have seen many construction companies in Canada pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovative and environmentally friendly materials in construction.


One of the materials that is gaining increasingly popularity is bamboo. Not only is it a natural material that looks stunning, but it is also very good for the environment. It has an incredible rate of self-generation, while it can be found on most of the continents on the planet.

It is also very durable, meaning that it can be used for a wide variety of projects. Bamboo is particularly useful for cabinetry, flooring and other parts of home construction projects. Many businesses who want to give off a unique, natural vibe are also asking construction companies to use bamboo in their remodeling projects.


Another fast growing resource that is starting to dominate construction projects is cork. It comes from living trees and will continue to grow even after it is harvested. It is a very flexible material that is also durable. The most common use for cork is in floor tiles, as it is good for insulation and absorbing shock.

The only issue with cork is that most of it needs to be shipped from the Mediterranean. But a lot of that can be done by sea, ensuring a lower environmental impact compared to arriving by plane. It is also very light, so would not add too much weight to shipments.

Recycled Wood and Metal

The beauty of using recycled woods and metals is that construction companies do not need to learn many new skills. These materials work in the same way as their newer varieties. Recycled metal is very durable and can last decades, especially if it is installed in the right ways.

Some recycled metal is shaped into new components or structures. But often times, it is reused for the same purpose. For instance, older plumbing components can be “fixed” and reused in newer homes. Such a process takes up even less resources, which is an environmental positive!

Recycled wood can be used as part of any home construction or remodeling project. It retains its structural integrity and sometimes has an even more charming look than new wood. Many homes and businesses that are going for a rustic, mountain vibe will use recycled wood.

This wood can be used for flooring, siding and cabinets. The only issue with wood is that it is susceptible to degradation and insect contamination. It means that every piece being recycled must be thoroughly examined to ensure it is viable for reuse.

The use of these materials shows that companies in Canada are making a very real effort to use “greener” materials in construction. While it is not always visible, these changes are taking place today.

Construction will always have a negative environmental impact, even when green materials and recycling is involved. But the great thing about using these materials is the carbon footprint of that project is a lot lower, compared to a project that would use typical materials.